Where you should not trade in binary options

Whenever you look up the binary options on the web, you can find tons of news and tips about how trades are affected and how you can integrate new methods and ways into your trading.

However, when we understand that trades will sometimes result in gains, we also know that sometimes they will bring losses with them. If you want to start trading in binary options, you have to be aware of certain things that are not good for the traders. For instance, you are trading in predictions about a certain stock, if the C.E.O of that company dies can you safely say how the stock can be predicted?

Today there are thousands of stocks and binary options being traded every minute if you use Quantum Code you can have a grasp of how they interact.Let’s get down to explaining why it’s bad to trade during certain events and situations.

Don’t trade when the product hits the news

If you are trading in a prediction about individual stocks than that stock will go on its usual path to ups and downs during the day. However, if the company of the stock hits the news, there is no certain way to know where the stock will go from that moment on. Certain times the news have helped a company stock grow in value and certain times it has plummeted the stock to the bottom.

If you are trading and you hear positive news about that company, no matter if they are good or bad just stop trading for that day and watch. Learn how the events can unfold and check if it would have happened how you predicted it. We are not saying it’s never a good time to trade during this event, its jus that the predictions are never 100%, and we don’t want you to lose money.

Don’t trade in oil

The binary options trade can be made in just about anything in this world. If you can trade in everything, you might think oil is a good thing to trade. Well, don’t be so sure! Oil is now on the decline as alternative methods to clean energy are being made. However, the industry is fighting it hard. That’s why the oil stocks are all over the place. If you can skip this trade do it!

Don’t trade in CHF currency

The Switzerland is known as the country that is the bank of the world. However, their currency is never stable and not backed up by anything concrete. So, skip this and trade with dollars or euros as you are not likely to lose money while trading with them.

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