Video: Ron Artest Defends Greg Oden, Hates Female Swag

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Rapper Stat Quo recently said Greg Oden needs to come out of the closet and other remarks implying Oden is gay. Ron Artest, who claims to be boys with Stat, recorded a video in defense of G.O. Sorta. Artest never says Greg Oden isnt gay, he only tells Stat get off of Oden.. So to speak.. and to worry about dudes in the industry like Lil Wayne and Jim Jones.

Thats the best four minutes and 28 seconds youre gonna have today. Ron-Ron unplugged is off the chain. Its hard to pick out a best part. Ron on Nas wearing leather pants, the female-swag movement, and his album selling 343 units in its first week had me dying. If they ever have The NBA on BET Ron Artest will fill the role of Charles Barkley.

H/T Ballhype

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12 Comments For This Post

  1. oliver Says:
    A man who doesnt know how to speak wears baggy gear should not criticize people who are part of the female swag movement whatever that means
  2. jonah Says:
    Now I know where Ive seen this guy! The movie Sling Blade except that guy was white and maybe a little bit more intelligent.
    Just kidding Ron, Im a basketball fan so of course I know who you are but I still think the Sling Blade comparison works.
  3. jonah Says:
    Regarding the above statement; It was not my intention to insult mentally challenged people Im sorry I compared you to Ron Artest.
  4. J Says:
    How the heck could you tell his gear was baggy? All you see is a t-shirt. That tells me right there you are biased so your opinion is null and void as far as I am concerned. And forgive him if he does not speak the way you or maybe I do. I am sure you understood what he was saying and his message just fine. And if you paid attention his whole point was to support Oden. Maybe its just because you are part of the female swag movement.
  5. J Says:
    And yeah jonah. You are sorry.
  6. jonah Says:
    Actually, Im with Oliver what the hell was Artest saying? What is the female swag movement? Does he really think selling 343 copies of a cd makes him an authority on anything? Can you really not picture Artest sitting on a riding mower and saying I like the way you talk, mm hmm and sounding just like the guy from Sling Blade?
  7. E Says:
    Hey J, get off Artests nuts.
  8. BWJ Says:
    Hey Oliver, if u dont know what hes talking about, shut the fu@# up!!!
  9. HuG Says:
    that was the realist! Ron Artest speaks the truth. The female swag movement is in full effect.skinny jeans, xxxsmall tshirts and scarfs around the neck. 2 years ago i would describing a female, but in 2008 thats the men we see on tv.that is a problem!
    if u hatin on Ron, its probably cuz yo jeans too tight.
  10. Beezy Says:
    IDGI. You guys comment on this article by attcking Ron Artest? You are as bad as the guy who called Oden a fag. Because you dont understand what Artest is saying that makes him ignorant? I guess if you went to a foreign country youd think everyone there is ignorant too.
  11. Boolam Says:
    Just saw this on the news: Ron Artests high school English teacher just shot herself.
  12. atheris1 Says:
    ??????????, ??? ???????? ? ???? ? ? ? ? ? ??