Video: Rafer Alston Kisses Referee

How to Buy-in to a Business

If you want to buy into a business, you should fist know few things, like that there is two general elements of buying, the first being the actual price that the new shareholder is paying and the second is the time over which he will pay that amount of money. There is not much we can talk about the amount of money one will pay for a percentage of the business, however, we can discuss a lot of the time that one will be paying for that amount.

Easiest Way

The easiest and quickest way that you can buy into a business is to pay the whole amount at once.  There are not many people that are capable of doing such thing because investing in a business and buying a part of it can be extremally expensive. Usually, the price is depending on several things such as the value of the business and the percentage of the business that is being purchased.

An easy and quick way to make money is to use the FinTech LTD software. A lot of successful business owners have used it before to make money. You have also another option if you really want to pay everything at once and that is to get a loan from the bank. Of course, you will have to get the loan from the bank, but if you are investing in something promising such as dental or anything medically involved you will be good to go.

Taking Back the Shares

One of the things that people are not aware of is that if they are purchasing the business and they are paying for it over few years there is a deadline. The thing about that deadline is that the purchaser needs to pay all the money until that date, otherwise the business will regain the right to take back those shares that were purchased. That way the one making the purchase will be left with nothing because he signed a contract on which he agreed that he will pay that certain amount of money until some date that was written down.

You can look at it like someone broke a contract because that’s what is happening when someone misses the deadline to pay something they have agreed to. That’s why it is always better to go with the easiest and quicker route and buy into the business with cash.

The Orlando Magic beat the Celtics 83-75 Thursday night to set up Game 7 Sunday in Boston. During the game Rafer Alston went Shaq on Caron Butler on a ref.. Continuing Alstons tradition of kissing people during games.

It wasnt Magic and Zeke hooking up but it was unusual. Unless you know Kiss to My Lous history.

There was the time Rafer kissed Carl Landry and Carl wasnt feeling the gesture.

Alston kissed Chuck Hayes a couple of years ago.

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  1. laker fan Says:
    rafers a fag yo.
  2. Go Cavs Says:
    Im from Angola, kissing another man is normal, (not on the mouth of course), it shows respect and consideration, but here in America, its just awkward. I bet his teammates stay away from him so they dont get embarrassed by a random mouah! bisou, bisou, lol, the laundry kiss is just hilarious.
  3. LAKERS BABI Says:
  4. Nuggets Baller Says:
    Ewwwwwwww.Why would anyone do that to a ref or a player ickk
  5. Educational Teacher Says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 1:00 pm
    MAN RAFER IS DEFINATELY GAY WIT ALL DESE KISSES ON DESE MAN NW I JKED ARUND WIT FRENDS BT NEVR KISSD ONE DATZ GOIN OVA BOARDMaybe the most ignorant statement I have ever seen. How difficult is it to type properly, anyway?I feel sorry for our future as a society.
  6. Megan Says:
    One word. GAY!!!!!!!!!! Thats sick it doesnt matter what it is that is SICK and WRONG. The guy he first kissed looked grossed out afterwards lol
  7. Aurora Says:

    Megan Says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 4:27 pm
    One word. GAY!!!!!!!!!! That’s sick it doesn’t matter what it is that is SICK and WRONG. The guy he first kissed looked grossed out afterwards lol

    Ah no this is the most ignorant comment here! There is nothing wrong with guys kissing, it depends on your culture and its not like he kissed them on the lips. its not sick your just a closed minded homophobic. but thanks all the same for your comment, megan.