Video: LeBron James Gets Dunked on Compilation

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LeBron James got dunked on by sophomore Jordan Crawford from Xavier, but the video will probably never see the light of day. Nike black suits snatched all the tapes at the LeBron James Skills Academy that featured the now legendary dunk. Nike should go ahead and release the video because the fallout from TapeGate has been worse than anything we wouldve seen. In the meantime well have to settle for a LeBron James Gets Dunked On compilation video.

The big winner in all of this is Jordan Crawford. We should be seeing him interviewed any minute now and if nothing else, hell always be the guy that dunked on LeBron and nobody saw it.

Lebron getting dunked on compilation video [Mason 360]

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. marcos Says:
    hahahahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous most of the dunks hes running after the guy and yao??????????? of course the fu**in chinese is 7.6 lebron is 6.8 retarted video and Im not a fan of lebron hell never be JORDAN nobody will!!!!!
  2. ClarkKent216 Says:
    In almost every instance LeBron is going for his Signature block. He makes sure that they dunk it because layups are not allowed. To be fair you should post his blocks as well. That would be a LOT longer video.