Video: Kobe You Aint Dunkin on Me at My Camp

How to Know Are You Making the Right Contract Decision

Making decisions that require some kind of a contract should be done carefully. You have to know all the things that a contract you are signing has to offer. Things like the process of the contract administration, when does the contract expire, do you need to renew it after some time, what are your rights and more should be all clear to the person that is making these contracts. Otherwise, you can face some serious issues.

Good Decision

There is no telling if a contract is a good or bad decision for you and your business. That is because there are no general rules that you can follow. If you don’t want to get in a situation to lose all your money, then start the Orion code software and make some of the best trades of your life.

Every contract can and will affect businesses differently depending on the circumstances. The only person that would have such an answer is either the business owner or the lawyer of the business. If you don’t make a good decision, and you sign a bad contract, you are risking losing all your money. That’s why you should have a business lawyer that you can ask for an advice.

Its going on a week since Nike confiscated the tapes featuring college player Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James at the LeBron James Skills Academy. At some point Nike will stop acting like jackasses and release the video. Until then, The King and Ni(ke) will serve as the butt of jokes. The latest person to have fun with LeBron getting dunked on is fellow Nike pitchman Kobe Bryant. The Mamba hosted his basketball camp, but let the attendees know there will be no dunking on number 24.

Even Kobes clowning LeBron James and his sneaker sponsor? Nike knows how bad theyve screwed this up and hopefully they see the light and release the tapes. The real damage has already been done. The dunk cant be as bad as the negative publicity.

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  1. Andy Says:

    Credit to me. For filming and uploading this. : D

  2. Gunn Says:

    First walking off the court after the Magic trounced him now this!!!!! Hes acting more like a Court Jester than a King!!!!!! PUNK!!