Trading Then and Now

Earlier day’s people have no choice other than to depend on a personal broker to trade stocks for you. With the advent of technology, the service of the brokers is used by the people who trade huge quantities of stocks usually wealthy business organizations or individuals.  An average trader does not require the service of the broker as he can conduct the trade on his own.   There are many benefits the online trading offers to causal traders.

Once you get hooked on online trading, you can also take a look at cryptocurrency trading which can be easily done through online, sitting comfortably at your home.  There is software like bitcoin code which will do all the research and analysis for you and arrive at the decision on its own whether to buy or sell. It uses complex mathematical algorithms to arrive at the decision and help you to earn a good return.

Listed below are the benefits of online trading

  • The biggest benefit which attracts everyone to opt for online trading is the cost. The fees charged by the brokers are very high and it will not be affordable for ordinary people. In case of online brokerage firms, they usually charge a flat rate and it is very much lower when compared to the other fees.
  • The second benefit which draws people to online trading is that the trader has the complete control of the transaction. The brokers usually refuse to execute an order given by you if they feel it is a poor investment. Only if they are fully convinced they will go ahead with the trade.  In online trading, you buy and sell the assets you wish.
  • The third benefit is the faster transactions. In the financial market, where the time is money, one should not waste any time in executing the decision. If you go through a broker, it takes so much of time to execute one single trade. First, you need to reach the broker and convey what you wish to buy or sell. Then he will take time to execute the trade. In online trading, you can execute the transaction immediately with just a click once you have decided.

You can make your own rules when you trade online.  When you trade with the broker he dictates the terms and conditions and you need to trade accordingly. There is no freedom for you with regard to the trade orders.