Shaquille ONeal and Justin Bieber Perform Awful Duet

How to Legally Close a Business

Closing a business might seem like an easy job that can be done in no time. However, it is quite the opposite, to completely and legally close the business, you will have to put a lot of effort and time in it. Of course, the closing of a business will affect everyone that is working there, but only the managers and owners will have to deal with the closing issues. There are a lot of steps that has to be done properly in order to close it and you also must know who to contact in this situation.

Employee Awareness

One of the first thing that you have to do even before you close your business is to notify all of your employees that are working in that business. They need to be aware of the current situation because they have to be prepared. Also, you must not forget about your customers, they have to be noticed too about the closure of the business. It is very important that you follow all the legal steps that are necessary in order to complete the process properly.

You should notify your employees about the closure about 30 days earlier or two weeks. You have to give them enough time to find some other job or offer them another job that is available if you have some other businesses that you run. You can suggest them to try out the HBSwiss trading app if they want to make quick money. Also, everyone that is involved somehow in the business should be noticed beforehand.

In most situations, following the legal steps can be complicated for a business owner, therefore we recommend that you hire a lawyer that will make sure that the whole process is going the way it should be and that everything is done legally.

Settling Accounts Before Closing

If your business has any unsettled debts, you must pay them before you close the business. This means that if you owe a percentage of your income to some group or individual, they need to be informed about the closure in order to collect their percentage before there is no longer any income left. You should also deal with all the contracts that are ending after the closure date. That is important because otherwise, you can have legal problems facing you. All the taxes, documents, and fees that are included with a help of a third party must be finalized before the closing process is finished.

Shaquille ONeal is going voice-to-voice against Justin Bieber in the second season of ABCs Shaq Vs. The Big Bieber and the regular one provided a sneak peek of the episode during a Justin concert rehearsal in Phoenix. Shaq should stick to presenting Justin with Teen Choice Awards. Round 1 goes to the lil fella.

Justin Bieber, yes I love you
I hope you like me,
Im your biggest fan

Shaq needs to focus on signing, not singing. Heres some video of Justin Bieber being a young a-hole by making his fans chase him while he cruises on a Segway:

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