Ron Artest Plays Adult Dodgeball

Steps for Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business is a complicated process that will require a lot of your time and effort. People that are dreaming of having their own business are usually unsatisfied with their current job. Starting your own business will mean that you will be boss to yourself. That is not easy, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge in order to succeed.  Here are some important steps for starting your own business.

Keep Working

Starting a new business on your own can be very risky and it is a complicated process that not many people succeed with. Therefore, you have to think smart and not quit your job right when you get the idea. Hold your job for as long as you can because you never know what might happen. If you don’t want to risk losing all your money, then try out the HB Swiss Software.

Make a Plan

A plan is the most important part of starting any kind of business. You have to be prepared for what is coming, to know exactly what are your goals and mission. Therefore, you have to carefully make a plan that will help you at the start. With a good plan, you will have higher chances of succeeding.

Ron Artest is a man of the people, the rare athlete that enjoys hanging out with his fans. He throws BBQs for his Twitter followers and buys courtside seats for random fans. Hed be famous for mostly the right reasons if not for that little running into the stands and beating up the wrong guy thing.

Ron-Ron took some time out of his busy club performance schedule to suit up for Team Zankou Chicken of the Melrose A Mazing League. What I picked up from watching the videos is that basketball skills dont necessarily translate to the dodgeball court.

Ron Artest makes appearance at dodgeball game:

Ron Artest playing dodgeball:

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Ron Artest knocked out of the dodgeball game:

Bonus Ron Artest in the club Superman that hoe video:

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