Paul Pierce: We Aint Coming Back to LA

Legal Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

Every business owner is starting their businesses with the intention to thrive and become successful. Without such intentions, and goals they would probably all fail because in order to succeed you have to be motivated. However, every business no matter the size of it will experience some complications and issues that they need to conquer in order to continue working. However, if you know what are those complications and mistakes, you will be able to avoid them, therefore here are some mistakes that are best when avoided.

Mixing Business with Personal Finances

You should never mix your personal finances with the finance of the business. That will only lead to serious problems later on for you and for the business. Some businesses have gone bankrupt because the two finances were mixed. Make sure you have some other income and not just the business, start using the Fintech LTD software.

Missing employment agreements

You have to have a written agreement that is directing the relationship between you and your employees even if they are a part of your family.

Missing Required Business Licenses

The mistake that a lot of businesses are doing is that they don’t get all the required business licenses. If you want to legally operate your business, then you need to have these licenses.

The Boston Celtics tied the NBA Finals at one game apiece behind a triple-double from Rajon Rondo and an NBA record eight three-pointers for Ray Allen. The Cs 103-94 victory shifts homecourt advantage to Boston. And now the series is over. Dont believe me? Ask Paul Pierce. With the Celtics leading 97-90 in the fourth quarter Pierce told some courtside fans We aint coming back to LA. This time Paul will have to claim his mouth was hacked and not his Twitter account because the cameras caught him in the act.

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  1. WhoCares Says:So he said it and what?
  2. lawrence Says:

    I cant understand how the biggest cry baby of the nba becomes a trash talker. he di all that crying when the celtics was a loseing team crying he need help and as soon as he gets help hes a trash talker.