Pau Gasol Dunking Over a Kid in India

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Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol is spending his summer vacation playing ambassador for the NBA. Spains national team is struggling in the FIBA World Championship while Gasols in India shaking hands, holding clinics and teabagging kids with his dunks. No joke, I didnt know he could jump that high.

Even better than the seven-foot Gasol jumping over a kid is said kid wearing a Starbury t-shirt. From Slam:

Gasol again turned into a quiet crowd-pleaser in Delhi, speaking softly and letting his skills do the talking. He worked with the kids on dribbling drills, showed off his pivot, Hakeem-esque fadeaway, and of course, did a variety of dunks at the DPS basketball court, including doing a “jumpman” style dunk over a hapless kid in a ‘Starbury’ t-shirt!

Starbury worldwide. Hes unstoppable.

Photo via NBA Twitpic

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  1. Surviving the Cut Says:
    Hmm I might be impressed if say.. Gasol wasnt 7 and the kid wasnt 4 8! 🙂