Michael Jordan: Me Vs. Kobe Not Even Close

The best way to start trading over the binary options market

Binary options trading has come to the spotlight a couple of years ago. Since it’s not a new method, we won’t be getting into the explanation of how binary options trading was created, but we will instead focus on what are the best methods to trade and how you can develop your own unique way of trading.

What applies in life also applies here. The more you do something over time, the better you will become at that thing. If you start trading in the binary market now, don’t expect to be a know it all in the next few weeks. This process can take several months, and even then, it cants be a guaranteed thing you will be in control off.

However, if you follow a particular pattern, you can stay in the safe lane for a longer time so you can get to know the market a bit better than the rest. The first important thing to always keep in your mind is to not rush into any trade.

Trades on the binary options market are plentiful and keep getting updated all the time. If you miss on something today, it will still be there tomorrow. All that you need to do is place a few stocks at the beginning and watch how the market reacts in that particular niche. If you do your trades over Quantum code you are guaranteed to make money instead of losing it.

High-low and range contracts

The best way you can start trading in stocks is to go for the high-low method and trade in small quantities. The high-low method is when you trade in a certain stock and predict if it will rise in value or if it will drop in value. It does not matter how far the value will rise but just that it rises if you predicted that it rose. Once you are correct in your prediction, you will be gaining money. This can be done on a daily basis and in several binary options stocks.

After you have mastered the market feel you can begin to trade in those same stocks but over the range contracts. Again, follow the rule where you don’t trade in big amounts. Just get the feel of how stocks function. They can behave in a particular pattern around noon and totally differently when it’s nightfall. It all depends on the world trend at the moment of the trade. So you have to be aware of the market feel for that particular stock.

July 31st, 2008 | by HG |

The Michael Jordan-Kobe Bryant comparisons have obviously gotten on MJs nerves. Michael wasnt messing around, trying to get a rise out of the crowd. He was saying what he truly believes.. And hes right. In their primes Michael Jordan is better than Kobe Bryant. Not even close.

Other than MJ setting the record straight the best part of the video is the kids in the background yelling for a 45-year-old Michael Jordan to dunk the ball. You can see Mike only wanted to shoot jumpers and layups, but hes also a showman so he gave the people what they wanted.

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant

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