LeBron James Heckled at Ohio Amusement Park

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Yesterday LeBron James took a trip to the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio for some fun and relaxation. And that’s exactly what he got if the King enjoys being heckled by the crowd while he shoots baskets. Jump to the one minute mark of the video to hear a woman yelling “I bet you miss” and a guy chiming in “‘Bron shoot left-handed, your elbow hurts” and “Just like Game 5.” I think the warm reception at his bike-a-thon over the weekend gave LeBron the idea things were back to normal for him in Ohio. Just like the decision to do “The Decision,” he was wrong.

LeBron took his talents to what looks like a regulation basket for a three-point shooting contest. The results, both shooting and from the crowd, were the same.

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