How To Keep Your Coin Safe?

How To Keep Your Coin Safe?

You are the best person to take your investment decisions, think twice before making any decision. The bull in the market sometimes becomes unpredictable. It is just a matter of time when your holding gets momentum and suddenly goes up in the market. As an when it happens crypto will start receiving unprecedented interest from the hackers. The investors don’t want to take a chance and repeat the incidence that happened with one of the famous exchange that was hacked so they are removing their coins from the exchanges and are decentralizing their storage.

The most prevailing of the present day is why one should buy a wallet? Which wallet should he buy? For insurance and security, one has to spend money but does it covers all the risk?

In this article, we will discuss cryptocurrency wallets that an experienced holder must know. What is the distinguishing feature of a wallet and how difficult it is to choose one? But unfortunately, this apparently easy question does not have an easy answer.  The list below will give you a glimpse of its importance:

  • Cost: what is the price? What are the drawbacks of having a wallet?
  • Security: the company from which you are buying the wallet does have a proven track record of security excellence?
  • Mobility: can it be used anytime anywhere? Is it easy to use and difficult to lose?
  • User-friendly: can it be used for storing different types of altcoins?

You may want a wallet that offers all the above-mentioned qualities, but you should also remember that all the wallets have their own pros and cons.

Some of the must-have wallets that you need to store your crypto coins

  1. Hardware wallet

From the name, one can understand it is a hardware device specifically designed to store cryptos. The device looks like a USB drive with an OLED screen, it can be connected with your PC or mobile through the USB port, it is battery-less device and can be connected to an infected system.

  1. Paper wallet

It is an offline wallet and is the bit difficult to use as it is bit technical and the user has to be cautious with it. But all cryptos does not offer paper wallet.

  1. Desktop wallet

It is an installable wallet that can be obtained from any desktop operating system. As your desktop and laptop often get connected to the internet so you need to install antivirus, antimalware and a strong firewall to save it from hacking.

  1. Mobile wallet

As the name suggests it can be used on your mobile phones and is one of the most widely used wallets.

  1. Web wallet

These are also known as hot wallets and can be accessed from different internet browsers. Here security is a matter of concern.


It is not possible to get all the qualities together in a single wallet. You need to find one according to your need. Click Crypto CFD Trader is a trading software for information.