Guide To Name Your Business Right

Have you ever considered changing your name at least once in your life, or have you at least heard from a friend or relative on his/her desire to change the given name? Why does this happen? The reasons could be many. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • You want a unique name
  • You want your name to sound cool
  • You want to change your name because people pronounce it wrong
  • You want to change your name to something that is easier to spell
  • You want a shorter/longer name
  • You want a name that has meaning to it

The same is the case when you name a business, only that your business cannot complain about itself if it does not like the given name. However, it is equally important to ensure that you are not at the receiving end for naming your business incorrectly.

There have been many a time where your business name is so similar to another business entity, such that customers get confused and are drawn to your competitors. Hence, it is very important to decide on a name for your business.

Check out this useful source that will act as a guide to help you name your business the right way.

  1. The name must easy to spell and say it out loud. The name must not have more than one spelling or pronunciation. You do not want people to ask you if the “4ever” tag in your business name is spelled as alphabetical “f” “o” “u” “r” or numerical 4.
  2. The name should also sound good when people use it in their conversations. For instance, have you wondered why names like Jimmy Choo, Coco-Cola, or Hush Puppies sounds cool when you say it?
  3. It would be an added advantage if the name spells out what you are selling/marketing. In addition, a good name will also imply the purpose of its business, as it a good way to communicate with your target audience.
  4. On the other hand, do not opt for common names such as “The Shoe Mart” or “The Queen’s Boutique”. Generic names might end up losing potential customers for your business as well.
  5. Moreover, do not use short forms and try to imitate multinational companies that have already established a name for themselves. It will take eons to reach that state.
  6. Try to be unique and brand it by checking online if you can trademark what you have named.

Therefore, invest a good amount of time in deciding a name for your business.