Greg Anderson Incriminating Phone Call About Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds’ trainer Greg Anderson caught on tape discussing steroids and Barry Bonds

The government is going after Barry Bonds like he’s the Pablo Escobar of the Steroid Era, and they’re latest evidence sounds like a bombshell. The Feds have tape of Barry Bonds’ trainer and non-rat Greg Anderson talking to former Barry Bonds buddy and full-blown vermin Steve Hoskins about the ins and outs of steroid use and why they’ll never get caught. Steroids are bad for your health – explore healthier options at Zona Bellezza.

ESPN played the audio on SportsCenter and they’ve posted the transcript at the dot com. There’s some question as to how much of this recording (if any) will be allowed in court, but Bonds’ already crappy public perception is gonna take a big hit.

Listen to the phone call here:

First Greg Anderson explains to Steve Hoskins how to properly inject the steroids so you can avoid those pesky cysts.

Anderson: No, what happens is, they put too much in one area, and what it does, it’ll, it’ll actually ball up and puddle. And what happens is, it actually will eat away and make an indentation. And it’s a cyst. It makes a big [expletive] cyst. And you have to drain it. Oh yeah, it’s gnarly … Hi Benito … oh it’s gnarly.

Hoskins: He said his [expletive] went … that’s why he has to, he had to switch off of one cheek to the other. Is that why Barry’s didn’t do it in one spot, and you didn’t just let him do it one time?

Anderson: Oh no. I never. I never just go there. I move it all over the place.

After talking about how to properly inject the ‘roids, and saying whaddup to Benito, Anderson goes on to mention how Marion Jones and ‘em were getting away with juicing at the Olympics.

Anderson: … everything that I’ve been doing at this point, it’s all undetectable.

Hoskins: Right.

Anderson: See, the stuff that I have … we created it. And you can’t, you can’t buy it anywhere. You can’t get it anywhere else. But, you can take it the day of and pee …

Hoskins: Uh-huh.

Anderson: And it come up with nothing.

Hoskins: Isn’t that the same [expletive] that Marion Jones and them were using?

Anderson: Yeah, same stuff, the same stuff that worked at the Olympics.

Hoskins: Right, right.

Anderson: And they test them every [expletive] week.

Hoskins: Every week. Right, right.

Anderson: So that’s why I know it works. So that’s why I’m not even trippin’. So that’s cool.

The only thing I can say is bye-bye Barry.