Former NBA Ref Mike Mathis Better Lookout For Barkley

The NBA on TNT is one of the best shows on television. The chemistry between the crew of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley is rare.. and great as chocolate, but the show is at it’s best when Chuck is off the cuff. Kenny was out due to the birth of his child so C-Webb was on the set. The conversation started off with Kobe Bryant, his 15 technical fouls, and whether or not Kobe would get his 16th tech and the subsequent one game suspension. As he’s prone to do, Sir Charles ended up on a tangent and let us know that he wants to run over former ref Mike Mathis. Charles might’ve been kidding, but Mike Mathis should look both ways 4-5 times before he crosses the street.

Here’s the exchange if you can’t (or you’re to scared) to watch videos at work.

CB: The officials got to give him some leeway. He’s the best player we got in the league. Referees gotta say unless Kobe does something to really embarrass me, I got to let it go.

CW: He doesn’t have the Charles Barkley pass though. This is real nice what he’s (Barkley) saying but Jordan would kinda talk to you and hold his jersey like that (covering mouth), and Charles would just talk about your mama, daddy, and dare the ref to give him a tech and he wouldn’t get a tech. So everybody doesn’t have that card in the back.

CB: That was just Mike Mathis. That was just Mike Mathis. Mike Mathis is the only official I ever really hated. If I saw him walking down the street right now I’d stomp my gas and run over him like a dog.

CW: Tell us your real feelings.

EJ: See I thought you had gotten over that, I thought you had gotten past that, I thought you had moved past that. This is the new Charles.?.

CB: I’ll move right past him with my feet stuck on the gas.

EJ: Charles, it’s just so distressing to hear that.

CB: And you know what I’d do too? I’d back up to make sure he was gone.