Floyd Mayweather on Pacquiao: We Gonna Cook that MFer with Some Cats and Dogs

Understanding all the different options in binary trading

When the binary trading option hit the internet, everyone was wondering how they can join in and make money. What is important to understand about binary trading is that it’s not the same as the regular stock market. Sure, you can trade in stocks, and you can trade all day, but the underlying things are different.  Always make sure to trade over Orion Code that way you will be ahead of the competition.

There are many misconceptions about how you can trade and make it big in this market like people have been doing for years over the regular stock market. However, the truth about the binary stock market is that it’s just too fast to trade stocks over it like a regular stock market. Here over the internet, the market can shift in several directions in just a couple of minutes. As bots are constantly updating the situation on the market and things get calculated you have to be aware that trading here has several layers.

High- low trading options

When you begin trading in binary options, this might be your go to business. Here you trade in the correct way the stock will go. If you buy it and predict that it will go up you will earn money, if you predict it will go low and it goes down, you will again make money.

However, if you anticipate it will go low and it goes high you will lose your investment. It’s something like an all-in win or lose situation. This is the fastest and best way to trade over the internet as it guarantees fast returns if you can predict which way the stock will go.  This method is also the easiest to trade in so many new binary options traders start off with this method.

One time touch contracts

The value in trading in this method is that you will be able to trade and wait until the certain condition is met. The stock has a certain period until it has to reach a price that was designated for it. Once you buy the stock, you are waiting until it approaches the trade value and you can wait till the time is up to trade it automatically or trade it when you feel the right time before the time is up.

The specific range contracts

Here the veteran traders find their money. If you start trading in particular range contracts before you are adapted to the binary market, you will likely lose your invested money. Trading here is done as a prediction. If the stock will go over or stay at a certain line. If you trade it with the intent of going over, when it goes over you will earn money. The trading has a time frame attached do it, and they are usually a couple of hours appar.t

Danny Granger’s run as the No. 1 Ugly American was short lived thanks to Floyd Mayweather Jr. dropping racist and homophobic bombs on and around Manny Pacquiao via UStream early this morning. The 41-0 Mayweather has used UStream to connect with his fans the last couple of nights, even calling a lucky few that posted their phone numbers on Twitter. That’s what started his rant this morning. The NSFW video below has the highlights. You can check out the entire show here.

Not only is Floyd out of bounds with his comments, he’s the one looking like a punk the longer it takes for the match to be made. You can’t call out a man the way Mayweather did in this video and not give him a chance to fight you. I’m not sure which commission would see over this but Mayweather deserves a stiff fine for his comments. And after that he can put the rest of his money where his mouth is and get in the ring with Pacquiao. Unless he’s the dog that’s worried about getting cooked.

Floyd Mayweather 007 [UStream]