Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Getting Loose in Miami

How to Recognize a Financial or Business Fraud

Many people that have been investing have at some point in their life had to experience with some kind of a scam or a fraud. Some of those people were lucky enough and they realized that it was a scam before they made the investment. Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky, there are plenty of people nowadays that are victims of various investing frauds. That is because it can be very difficult to see through a scam especially if it is well planned out.

Scams are usually happening to people that don’t have a lot of experience and don’t have knowledge about finances and economics. That is because those people are the easiest victims for people that are doing the scams. Those people can be tricked much more easily than people that have experience with investments. We recommend to everyone that doesn’t have experience with finances and investing in hiring a professional broker with reputation or a lawyer that will help you make good decisions.

Process of Fraud

Frauds can be done in many different ways, but there is a universal way that is usually the most commonly used method. we have gathered some information about the fraud method and we would like to share that with you in order to help you recognize and avoid them in the future. First of all, this will only happen to people that are inexperienced because they are the easiest to mislead. If you are looking for an easy and secure way to make money try out The Brit Method.

Usually, the first sign that gives away that it is a fraud is that the deal is too good to be true. It is never good to make those investments where you see that the deal is looking too good. It may be hard for you to let down such an opportunity, but it will be the right choice. Think about it, if it is such a great deal why doesn’t everyone investing in it already. That is because other people realize that is a scam used to mislead inexperienced people to invest their money.

The one that is planned out the scam will do anything just to make easy money of you. His goal is to mislead people into investing money into something that is a complete lie just to get to your money. The moment you invest your money, there are high chances that you will never see that person again in your life.

Earlier today Sports by Brooks brought us the news of Dwight Howard‘s baby mama Royce Reed partying it up in Miami for the Super Bowl. He has pictures and a Twitter confirmation. The party was thrown at Fontainebleau and hosted by Ludacris and Terrell Owens. From the looks of this video is was a great time for all.

Royce Reed is the woman in the black outfit:

They were dacning for tickets? Seems like Royce could get them a lot easier if she wasn’t involved in lawsuits with Superman 2.0.

UPDATE: If you have any doubt that the woman in the video is Dwight Howard’s BM Royce Reed this tweet from her will remove it for you: