Danny Granger on Europe: Smellin’ Like Dead Donkeys

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Pay for a heads up

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Start learning about technical indicators

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Track your performance

The more you trade, the more you leave your trail behind you. If you want to know what you did right and where you made a mistake it’s good to track your progress and keep tabs on it.

Figure out if you are good at short time trade or long time trades

The binary market has many things for trade, and they all fall either in the short time section or the long-time section. Figure out which one you are good at and focus on trading only those kinds of options.

Danny Granger of the Indiana Pacers is spending his summer vacation in Europe as a member of Team USA. Things are going great on the court -the squad is undefeated- but even with the team’s success Granger can’t wait to get back to the sweet air of the United States. According to Granger’s Twitter account Europeans don’t wear deodorant and smell like dead donkeys.. Which begs the question, when has Danny Granger smelled dead donkeys before?

Danny Granger returned to the scene of the crime to clear the air about his funky Europeans tweet. He claims he wasn’t talking about the people because you know, “How come nobody in Europe wears deodorant?” can easily be mistaken for a slam on Europeans. But it’s all good. Granger likes Turkey and he admits that his hometown of New Orleans also has the aroma of dead donkeys:

Time for Granger to quit while he’s behind.

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