Classic Video: Michael Jordan Ballin’ With Kenny Rogers

Common Mistakes Binary trading Beginners Make

Many people are trading over the new popular method which is binary options trading. However new traders are also prone to making lots of mistakes. Those mistakes can cost you a lot of money if you keep repeating them or they can be the learning curb that you need to take like in everything.

So, depending on how you want to spend you next few months while you trade on the binary options platforms you will be rewarded either with experience or with problems. If you would like to skip the problems and go right to the experience that you can later use in the new trades that you try than just follow our tips on how to avoid the mistakes that everyone makes and of course use HB Swiss as your binary option.

Before we give you the advice on how to evade those mistakes we first have to point them out.

Trading only from the gut feeling

Most people think they are the special snowflake and that they will be the next Bill Gates. The problem is not that you have such a mindset for motivation, but you can’t into every obstacle in life expecting that you will walk out as a millionaire. You have to acknowledge that you are new to this game and that your gut feeling without any prior knowledge will be wrong more than half the time.

If you want to make money on the binary options, you have to do some research and start trading slowly with everything until you get the feel of what is good for you. If you only trade with what your gut tells you, you will pass on lots of good opportunities, or you will lose lots of money trading. The gut feeling has no place when it comes to the stock market, it’s all about numbers.

Stop letting your emotions run the show

Once you start trading, you have to put your emotions on the side. If you need money to pay the rent and this is your last straw where you need to have luck, then it’s best not to trade at all. Emotional trades will usually end up busted. Only trade with a clear mind.

Don’t rush it or you will fall

When you begin trading in binary options, you can’t expect to get rich in the first few months. Calm down and get to know the game. After a few months, you can start taking some bigger trades, but not before you learn to live with the loss if some of your trades from the past.

The year was 1988. Short-shorts were still in and Kenny Rogers could get NBA stars to show up at his “Classic Weekend.” There’s no way he’d get today’s equivalent of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Dominique Wilkins to show up at an event like this, even if it was being carried by the league’s broadcast partner.

(You’ll have to turn up the sound to hear Chick Hearn)

Kenny Rogers juked Jordan with the pump-fake? That’s worse than the time Justin Timberlake served Kenny Smith. At least Timberlake was young and in shape. The Gambler’s 50 in this video. And even though Larry Legend’s team won, that was still an embarrassing shot that got stuck in the rafters.