Chris Paul Doesn’t Want To Know His Parents Use the ShakeWeight

Chris Paul is having one hell of a resurgence so far in this young NBA season. His New Orleans Hornets have started off with a franchise best 7-0 record so far (after beating my Clippers today) and are the only remaining undefeated team aside from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Paul is averaging 19 points, 10 assists, 2 steals and hitting 50 percent of his shots. It’s quite a turnaround for the Hornets after seeing Paul go down to injury last year and reportedly asking to be traded. It seems like everything is going great for him right now. Well, almost everything, since he just Tweeted that his mom and dad showed him their Shake Weight techniques at the dinner table.

Not sure what the Shake Weight is? It’s supposed to be some revolutionary new exercise technique but in reality it just looks like a portable masturbation machine. Don’t believe me? Check their real commercial below. Luckily enough they are not selling it at Zona Bellezza.

I’m with you Chris, hearing a mother talk about using the Shake Weight is a definite FML moment. On the bright side, at least she didn’t pull it out of her purse or anything.


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